What is a cover?
A musical cover is a version of the song other than the original recording.

In other words, a cover is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded, commercially released song or popular song.

Why are covers interesting?
Many artists enjoy performing cover songs, as they allow a more objective demonstration of their ability to simply sing or play their instruments. They are allowed to recreate a work about which they are passionate or particularly enjoy. For independent musicians, cover songs are usually a way to make money, increase a fan base, and creatively express the work of others.

As Chan Marshall describes in an interview:

Is it different playing other people's songs?
Yeah, that's when it's fun. Then I don't feel like I'm on trial, like I'm being judged. I really don't care if they're talking or whatever while I'm playing because I love the song, and I'm objective about it because it's someone else's song and that's just fun.

If an artist rerecords his or her own song, is that a cover?
Technically, if an artist changes an aspect of the song in a subsequent recording, it is a cover. However, recreation of the work of a different musician poses more interesting questions regarding legality, collaboration in music, and changes in style. Therefore, here at The Cover Stories the focus will be on artists recreating the work of others.

So what is this blog all about?
  • Artist's perspectives on covers of their work
  • Legality issues in the music industry
  • Copyright law
  • How the concept of a cover was altered through digital media 
  • Sharing and collaboration of covers
  • And much more

In addition, every week there will be a video or audio clip of an original work and an example of its cover(s) to help examine how musical covers are legally created, shared, and shared in the modern era. Such examples will also help demonstrate how these covers impact musicians and the audience. Sometimes these examples will serve as the focus of the discussion, while other times the videos will just be provided with little added description for the viewers' enjoyment.

Feedback and discussion is encouraged, so feel free to comment on any posts. Inappropriate posts will be removed, but healthy dissent and debate will only add to the site.

Enjoy, and welcome to The Cover Stories.

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